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Your well-being and satisfaction are important to us. We organize, plan and lead retreats of the highest standard.
We are your Austrian-German retreat trio and can’t wait to welcome you.


Your retreat team

We are Julia, Florian and Christina, your Retreat Oasis Portugal core team.

Hey, I’m Julia. As a Life Designer, Manifestations Coach and Energetic Healer, I love to accompany people on their way to healing, vitality and their full potential.

My husband Florian and I founded the Retreat Oasis Portugal in 2021. The vision to create an oasis of transformation in Portugal manifested itself on Praia Grande beach in magical Sintra.

I worked successfully as a designer for high-revenue companies in Austria, Germany, Belgium, France and Portugal for 15 years. A few years ago I gave space to the vocation of helping people open their hearts to greater awareness.

Even as a young adult, when I traveled the world after completing my design studies in 2009, I discovered how much gratitude, deep trust, conscious “living in the moment ” span> and nurturing relationships are keys to happiness.

Especially when our daughter was born in 2016, I became aware of how powerful mindful communication and appreciation are and the importance of true quality time – with yourself, the child, but also with your partner.

Let us lovingly take responsibility for our happiness and enjoy life with more awareness.

I love life, sports, inner growth, positivity, mother nature and I see enormous potential in every human being. For me, each of us is a “co-creator” of our reality – our world.

In addition to my work as a coach, I have been a certified energetic healer since 2012 and a hypnobirthing coach since 2018.

Hello, my dears,
It’s me, Flo(rian) and I’ve been living with my family in Portugal for 9 years. As a native Austrian, growing up in Upper Styria, I found my love for nature and sports at a young age. Here in Portugal my life mostly takes place outdoors – I know the Sintra National Park, surrounding beaches and many ‘secret places/paths’ like the back of my hand. I would like to share these experiences with families – from hikes to e-bike tours to swimming/surfing – everything is possible.

In addition to the responsibility that comes with being a father, fun is very important to me. You can discover the child in yourself and climb the tree house with your daughter/son or prepare your own food at the campfire. A zipline, a large yoga deck with a slide, a vegetable garden and much more have been created here by hand to offer families a good time with us. A child can be a child here.

Children are the mirror of nature. You are creative, complete, and thriving – every single day.

In addition to my business informatics studies and more than 10 years of management position in an American company, I have the following training: Inner Life Skills Manager as Coach (2021), Lead and lead teams (2009 ), lifeguard, swimming/snowboard/ski instructor, Sepp Holzer permaculture.
I am looking forward to every single one in the Retreat Oasis Portugal – best regards, Florian

Hello, my name is Christina Wennmacher and I am 32 years old.
I am facilitating as a consciousness coach/guide for almost 10 years now, with a special passion for empowering families.

At the Family Oasis I accompany families during a retreat in guided workshops that give a loving accompaniment on the path of awareness growth, transformation and healing.
These workshops serve you, the parent, in your even freer, happier and more fulfilled being from within.
They serve you, the child, to shine in your freest and happiest form.
And these workshops serve you, the love couple, to experience an even more vibrant, freer, happier and more co-creative love relationship.

Acceptance is like fertile soil that receives the seeds of change with love.

The framework of this work is formed by tools from Transformation Therapy (by Robert Betz), Integral Potential Unfolding (IPE Coaching), Non-violent communication, Energetic Flow and Inner Dance Alchemy.

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